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What is fat-adaptation?
Being fat-adapted is human beings’ natural metabolic state before we invented the fake food that keeps us sick and tired.  It is also freedom.  Freedom from hunger, cravings, and eating schedules.  Its also freedom from the cycle of crash diets and intense exercise, both unsustainable,  followed by insidious weight gain and eventually giving up on your exercise program.  Becoming fat-adapted allows you to escape this frustrating cycle.

Fat-adaptation is teaching your body how to use fat for fuel instead of sugar.  This results in increased aerobic efficiency, less lactic acid during training and racing, less pain and inflammation, and fewer gut and digestion issues during racing and training.  This is an improvement in athletic performance for sure, but the benefits of being fat-adapted go far beyond athletics.  Using fat as your primary fuel, instead of sugar, also improves most health markers and many chronic conditions, including obesity, hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Breaking the cycle of carbohydrate dependency is simple, but its not easy.  Society is set up for carb dependency, and navigating the built-in traps and land mines can be difficult, if not impossible, for most people constrained by the demands of a career, a busy family, a training schedule, and other obligations.  This is where the fat-adapted coach can help.  I can help you navigate the cultural and social landscape with its built-in pitfalls that are waiting to foil your success.  If you’d like a free consultation, go to my contact page and send me a note.