Month: March 2018

Fix Your Metabolism, Fix Your Life.

My Experience Measuring HRV

If you haven’t heard of HRV, it stands for “Heart Rate Variability.”  Mostly likely, you are familiar with measuring Heart Rate, which measures the number of heart beats per minute.  HRV measures the time between the beats.  It’s a little counterintuitive that a steady and consistent HRV measurement is a sign of too much stress…
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Lifting for Runners

My last post was about my Glute and Ab workout that I started doing to help strengthen my core to support and heal my low back.  Once I rebuilt enough strength in my glutes, I added some heavier lifting exercises to help build strength for my running.  Adding these exercises to my repertoire has really…
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Glute and Ab Workout

Several years ago when I could no longer ignore my physical problems due to a liifetime of desk-sitting, I found myself laid out on the gym floor with a thrown back.  I laid there for about half an hour before I could even get up off the floor.  On my drive home, I promised myself…
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Eat to Protect Your Eyes

I just watched this very interesting video on foods that increase/decrease risk of Macular Degeneration (MD). You might be asking WTF is MD and why do I care?  Good question.  MD is a condition in which part of the retina in the eye slowly deteriorates.  It is a chronic and progressive condition that results in blindness or partial blindness.  My in-laws’…
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