Month: June 2018

Fix Your Metabolism, Fix Your Life.

Give Health A Chance

Maybe you think you don’t have any food sensitivities.  I didn’t.  I used to think all those people talking about gluten and wheat were out of their minds.  I mean, I was eating sub sandwiches, pizza, and pasta all the time, I it didn’t seem to affect me!  I thought all these people were just…
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Why I Turn My Wi-Fi Off At Night

In my opinion, everyone should be turning off their Wi-Fi at night.  You might be asking: Isn’t this fringy woo-woo Earth-burger hippy stuff?  No, the science is very credible.  In fact, it’s pretty cut and dry when there are studies like these: 2.45 GHz Microwave Radiation Impairs Learning and Spatial Memory via Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress Induced p53-Dependent/Independent…
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