Why I Turn My Wi-Fi Off At Night

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Why I Turn My Wi-Fi Off At Night

In my opinion, everyone should be turning off their Wi-Fi at night.  You might be asking: Isn’t this fringy woo-woo Earth-burger hippy stuff?  No, the science is very credible.  In fact, it’s pretty cut and dry when there are studies like these:

2.45 GHz Microwave Radiation Impairs Learning and Spatial Memory via Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress Induced p53-Dependent/Independent Hippocampal Apoptosis: Molecular Basis and Underlying Mechanism

So let’s break this down…  It is not controversial that 802.11 Wi-Fi signals operate at 2.4 Ghz, so its pretty much guaranteed that most of us in the developed world are being exposed to these signals, which case we should learn what they are doing to us.  In addition, it is also well established that consumer microwave ovens also operate at 2.45 ghz. Yes, you read that correctly, Wi-Fi signals operate at the same frequency as microwave ovens!  Kinda makes you wonder why they bother to put the little metal mesh shield on the microwave oven door, doesn’t it?  If this stuff is so safe, why have the mesh shield?

According to the study referenced above, the mice in the study were exposed to 0.0248 mW/cm(2) for 2 h/day over a period of 15, 30, and 60 days.  How does that compare to expose that you might encounter in your day to day activities?  Well, short of actually measuring it with an EMF meter, there is no way to know for sure.  But it’s a good bet that we are all exposed to a lot more  than 0.0248 mW/cm(2) since the FCC limit is 1.0 mW/cm(2), or about 40x more than the mice were exposed to in the study.

What else do we know about the health effects of these types of Wi-Fi signals?  The answer might surprise you.  We actually know A LOT about the harmful effects of Wi-Fi…

The list above is not exhaustive.  There are virtually an unlimited number of studies linking EMF and RF radiation to all kinds of adverse health conditions.  Am I suggesting that you become like Ted Kaczynski and reject all modern technology and go live in a shack in the woods totally off the grid?  No, not at all.  In fact, I am an early adopter of a lot of technology and I still have a Wi-Fi router and a cell phone.  But I am suggesting that we all start paying better attention to what is happening with our technology and the links between technology and health.  I am certainly starting to change my habits to limit my exposure when its not necessary, such as when I am sleeping.

Turning off your Wi-Fi router at night is very non-invasive and should have a very low impact on your convenience and connectivity.  I bought a simple digital timer for the electrical outlet and set it to turn off at midnight and turn back on at 6am.  This at least gives my body the chance to avoid the EMF signal while it is resting and trying to repair all the damage that we do during our normal lives.  If you are working out and exercising, your body has enough work to do trying to build your body back stronger from the stress of the workout, so eliminating further potential damage from EMF while sleeping should help recovery from your workouts.  In addition, we are all exposed to so many biological insults from toxins, artificial lighting, work and family stress, etc.  So it just makes sense to eliminate anything that might inhibit recovery during sleep, which is the body’s most productive recovery period.

In addition to the recovery benefits from turning off my Wi-Fi router at night, I actually discovered a few unexpected benefits:

  • Enforcing bedtime and more sleep.   I found that when the Wi-Fi timer goes off, everyone just hits the sack.  There was some complaining at first, but everyone in the family quickly got used to it and accepted that its time to go to bed.  This is particularly useful for teenagers who want to stay up on weekends watching Netflix or playing Fortnight, but I also found that the timer would enforce bedtime on myself.  I often found myself staying up to read that one last article or listen to that one last podcast, and then the timer would hit and I had no idea it was so late.  That has been a very nice unexpected benefits that really taught me how to reign in my late nights and get more sleep.
  • Better focus before bedtime.  Just knowing that there is a timer for the Wi-Fi really sets a fire under everyone who needs to get work done before bedtime, including myself.    The kids know that they need to get homework done before then, and since we don’t have cable, if they want to watch Netflix or Youtube, then they need to do homework in time to have enough time to watch their show.
  • Automatic reboot of the Wi-Fi router.  Everyone hates when their Wi-Fi router hangs and needs to be rebooted right in the middle of some important work, or right at the climax of a show on Netflix.  Well, when you effectively reboot the router every night, you have this problem a lot less.  This was very unexpected, but pretty nice to never have to worry about that problem anymore.

If you are curious about all this and want to know more.  There are lots of resources about this stuff these days, but EMF Warriors is one of my favorites.  If you really want to get deep into the science and can tolerate very direct messages, I would also suggest looking into the neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse.  Also, Dr. Mercola has started to really sound the alarm on the dangers of EMF.   And if you really want to dig into this, there is a very good book on the subject called “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life.”  And this book has been out for a decade now, so this info is not really very new.

Like I said above, there is actually a lot of science on this topic, but we are so addicted and dependent on these technologies, and there are billions of dollars at stake, AND THEY PROVIDE HUGE PRACTICAL BENEFITS, so no one is in favor of just dumping the technology and going back to the stone ages before smart phones (2007).  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take precautions to protect ourselves from the known dangers until we figure out how to replace these technologies with something safer.  Until then, turn off your Wi-Fi at night!